125 West 56th Street

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) was retained by 125 West 56th Street Corporation to remediate the oil spill for an Underground Storage Tank (UST) located in the utility room of the building.

YU prepared a site specific Health and Safety Plan for the protection of onsite personnel and the general public during the AST closure operation. A sidewalk opening permit was obtained before the commencement of field work. Petroleum impacted soil was excavated and removed near the fill port on the sidewalk and a floor drain cleanout area in the utility room of the building. The excavation was backfilled with certified clean fill and the sidewalk was restored to original condition. Post excavation soil samples were collected and analyzed for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. Waste classification samples were collected and analyzed for TCLP and RCRA characteristics, and per disposal facility requirements.

To determine the potential of unacceptable risk due to possible vapor intrusion, air samples were collected from the area within the building interior and analyzed for volatile organic compounds in accordance with USEPA Method TO17.

A closure report was prepared and submitted to NYSDEC and a no further action (NFA) approval from NYSDEC was subsequently obtained on behalf of the owner.

Location: New York, New York


  • Permits
  • Soil Remediation
  • Remedial Action Report
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Owner: 125 West 56th Street Corporation

Client: 125 West 56th Street Corporation