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165 Charles Street

Alexio Management Group, a reputed developer in Manhattan built a 16 story high class residential apartment building along West Street in Greenwich Village area of Manhattan. YU provided environmental consulting services to advice on mitigation measures to be adopted to eliminate potential for mold & mildew within the building. During construction YU performed periodic site walk through to identify wet spots, potential areas of accumulation of moisture and humidity that can cause mold growth within the building. Advised client of mechanisms to maintain good indoor air quality during construction in accordance with best construction practices. Upon substantial completion of construction activities, performed comprehensive visual inspections, indoor air quality tests at each apartment and cellar areas. Provided a close-out report following completion of construction that included a summary of activities, baseline survey results, and inspection summary report.


New York,
New York


  • Mold Inspection
  • Air Quality Testing
Alexico Management Group
Alexico Management Group