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339 West 36th Street Redevelopment

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) was retained by Flintlock Construction Services, Greenwich, CT to address the environmental concerns pursuant to the New York City E-Designation requirements in New York to enable site redevelopment into a hotel complex.

YU was selected as part of a project team to effectively correspond with New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) under a time-constricted project schedule. YU performed Phase II Environmental Site Investigation (ESI) that involved a Geophysical Survey, GeoprobeĀ® borings, and soil sampling and analysis. Upon finding SVOC and heavy metal concentrations exceeding their New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Recommended Soil Cleanup Objectives (RSCO), YU proposed a cost effective remediation alternative including excavation and vapor barrier (geomembrane) installation. YU prepared a Remedial Action (RA) Work Plan, to be exercised in conjunction with foundation construction activities.

YU prepared a site specific Health and Safety Plan for the protection of onsite personnel and the general public during the site investigation activities. YU also coordinated submissions under E-Designated site requirements, including the Window Specifications for noise reduction and HVAC Specifications for air emissions control.


New York,
New York


  • E-Designation Regulatory Compliance
  • Phase II Environmental Site Workplan and Investigation
  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Remedial Action Selection and Workplan (RAP)
  • Noise and Air Emissions E-Compliance
Peter Poon Architects
Flintlock Construction Services, LLC