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784 Grand Avenue

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) was contacted by the owner of the property when petroleum contamination was encountered during a geotechnical investigation of their property. YU was tasked with addressing the environmental concerns on the property in an expedited fashion so that the owner could continue with site development activities.

YU conducted a Preliminary Assessment (PA) of the property to identify any potentially contaminated areas of concern as defined by NJAC 7:26 E-1.8. A Site Investigation (SI) was then tailored to address the eight potential AOCs identified in the PA. The SI identified the presence of two areas of soil contamination and an abandoned leaking Underground Storage Tank (UST). The UST was closed; contaminated soil was excavated, stockpiled and sampled for waste classification. The excavated area was restored and arrangements were made for contaminated soil disposal. Groundwater contamination is evaluated through temporary and permanent wells, Classification Exception Area application is progress.


New Jersey


  • Phase I/Preliminary Assessment
  • Site Investigation
  • UST Closure
  • Remediation
  • Soil and Groundwater delineation and CEA
Nat Infurna Associates, Inc.
U. B. One Property, LLC