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Farmingdale Plaza Cleaners Chlorinated Solvent Plume Investigation

Under the NYSDEC State Superfund Contract, Earth Tech Inc., has retained YU & Associates to complete a remedial investigation (RI) off-site of the Farmingdale Plaza Cleaners, an EPA Class 2 Inactive hazardous waste site. This investigation will use multilevel Continuous Multichannel Tubing (CMT) wells to track the migration of a chlorinated solvent plume discovered during investigation of the nearby Liberty Industrial Finishing Site.

In preparation for well installation, YU prepared a site-specific Health and Safety Plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan, and Field Activities Plan, as well as retained subcontractors and communicated extensively with the CMT manufactures and the prime consultant to ensure a project design most suited to site conditions. Sonic drilling, CMT well installation, low-flow sampling of the small diameter well channels, and Investigation Derived Waste sampling and disposal are ongoing.

Final deliverables are to include a Remedial Investigation Report including ArcGIS derived groundwater and contaminant contours, PCE and TCE plume models, and spider maps.


New York


  • Remedial Investigation
  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Work Plan
  • CMT Well Installation
  • Low-Flow Sampling
  • Investigation Derived Waste Sampling
  • GIS Services
Earth Tech, Inc.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation