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Fulton Street Transit Center

YU & Associates is serving as a sub consultant to the ARUP Group and is supporting the geotechnical and environmental engineering disciplines including draft and final environmental impact statements. YU engineers are assisting the team in overseeing the subsurface investigations for geotechnical and environmental purposes, collecting subsurface soil and groundwater samples, submitting samples for geotechnical and, chemical analysis to evaluate physical and chemical characteristics, evaluating the data and developing design parameters for the underground passenger tunnels, transit center building and other ancillary structures. YU engineers are also performing the task of evaluating asbestos, lead based paint (LBP), and other hazardous materials potentially present in the buildings proposed to be demolished, and inside the subway stations, for the construction of the new transit center. Hazardous materials evaluation included identification of asbestos containing materials, lead based paint, PCB’s, mercury, and chemicals used/stored in different buildings. YU is also developing demolition plans and abatement design, preparing specifications for abatement and deconstruction, and a construction cost estimate.


New York,
New York


  • Asbestos, LBP, PCB Inspections
  • Utility investigation
  • Analytical Testing
  • Hazardous Material Evaluation and Abatement Design
  • EIS Support
  • Construction Bid Documents
Ove Arup & Partners
New York City Transit