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Grand Street Campus

The athletic field of Grand Street Campus was rehabilitated under the Take the Field Program, a private public partnership to revitalize the school fields. The athletic field is located on Grand Street in Brooklyn, New York.

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) reviewed historical Sanborn and USGS maps, and identified that the school was built on an area formerly occupied by commercial and industrial facilities. YU performed geophysical investigations in an attempt to identify buried structures. Services also included planning a subsurface investigation to locate buried structures, potentially contaminated soil and fill.

The investigation revealed contaminated fill and several old footings. Since the majority of site had contaminated soil and buried structures, YU developed an innovative scheme that utilized the existing track, and asphalt as a base and built the new field on top to minimize the construction cost. This approach saved the owner a substantial amount in remediation costs and shortened the construction schedule.

YU also provided monitoring during the construction phase of the project.


New York


  • Review Historical Data
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • Subsurface Explorations
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Engineering
  • On Site Monitoring
  • Litigation Support
TDX Construction Corp.
Take the Field, Inc.