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Hunts Point Halleck Industrial Development Site

As part of the Hunts Point development plan, YU & Associates (YU) was retained to perform a subsurface investigation and prepare the geotechnical assessment report. This assessment was used to revise the NYCEDC’s proposed future development plan.

YU reviewed available relevant information including geologic maps, in-house information, project drawings, and previous subsurface investigation information provided by NYCEDC.

YU coordinated with other consultants with on-site environmental conditions with respect to the proposed work and prepared a site specific Health & Safety Plan for the subsurface investigation that addresses all of area of concerns. GPR survey was performed to clear utilities and obstructions at proposed investigation locations. Soil sampling and rock coring was performed during subsurface investigation in accordance with 2008 NYC Building Code. YU retained and coordinated the drilling contractor and performed full-time inspection of the borings, including visual examination and classification of the soil/rock samples as they are retrieved, recording relevant information and engineering data on logs and measuring drilling fluid and/or groundwater depths as appropriate.

YU evaluated the subsurface conditions with respect to foundation support, site preparation requirements and geotechnical design parameters. Generalized foundation excavation support, construction dewatering and subgrade preparation requirements were addressed. Seismic design requirement review wdaas complete for site class determination and liquefaction potential evaluation using empirical methods. The findings, evaluation and recommendations were presented in a report including copies of the soil boring logs and a boring location plan.


New York


  • Document Review
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Boring Program Development
  • GPR Survey
  • Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT)
  • Geotechnical Data Report
  • Boring Controlled Inspection and Field Testing
  • Constructability Evaluation
  • Foundation Support Evaluation
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New York City Economic Development Corporation