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Isamu Noguchi Foundation

The Isamu Noguchi Foundation in Long Island City, Queens, NY, is undertaking a major renovation to increase their capacity. Financial institutions and governmental agencies funding the expansion required an environmental evaluation to assess the potential for the presence of hazardous materials and to evaluate exposure.

YU & Associates, Inc. performed a Phase 1 ESA and identified that the property was formerly comprised of several lots. A portion of the site was formerly a filling station and two federally regulated tanks installed in 1929 remained on site. Remedial investigations were undertaken to evaluate the potential presence of contaminated soil and groundwater. To minimize exposure to on site workers a site-specific health & safety plan was prepared for implementation during basement soil excavation and underpinning of foundations. The regulated tanks were registered with NYSDEC. The USTs were abandoned in place. RI and UST closure reports were prepared and submitted to NYSDEC and received No further action statement.


Long Island City, Queens,
New York


  • Phase1 ESA
  • Remedial Investigations
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Hazardous Material Evaluation
  • On Site Monitoring
  • UST System Closure
  • NYSDEC Reporting
Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Inc.
Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Inc.