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Lafayette High School

The athletic field of Lafayette High School was rehabilitated under the Take the Field Program, a private public partnership to revitalize the high school fields in New York City. The athletic field is located on Benson Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York and occupies more than 6 city blocks that were formerly commercial and residential properties.

YU & Associates, Inc. reviewed historical Sanborn and USGS maps, and completed subsurface investigations. The investigation revealed the presence of loose contaminated fill overlying organic peat. YU developed a remedial action plan to contain contaminants and provided recommendations to minimize future settlement of ball fields, track, bleachers, field house and utilities.

YU evaluated the subsurface material for the presence of contaminants. To minimize the cost of excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, YU recommended rearranging the ancillary structures and provided recommendations on how contaminated soil should be reused, handled, and disposed of.


New York


  • Review Historical Data
  • Subsurface Explorations
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Engineering
TDX Construction
Take the Field