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Montclair State University On-Call Engineering Contract

Montclair State University is New Jersey’s largest teaching university and the second largest educational institution in the state with enrollment increasing 10% in the last two years. Encompassing 200 acres, the University has embarked on various major capital construction programs for which YU & Associates (YU) has provided on-call engineering services.

YU has been working on numerous projects related to overall parking management as well as vehicular and pedestrian circulation, athletic field maintenance; drainage In 2001, YU designed and oversaw the construction of a 120 space parking lot. YU was retained in May of 2002 to perform a feasibility study for parking lot construction on fourteen campus sites totaling an additional 1,000 new spaces. Also in 2002, YU prepared construction documents for a $2,500,000 campus wide resurfacing project for which YU also provided resident engineering services during construction. YU has also performed parking garage feasibility studies, athletic field relocation feasibility studies, and designed a 20 foot high concrete stairs for improving pedestrian circulation to a parking lot. A wayfinding sign program critical for visitors along the main corridor routes leading to the university were designed by YU. In 2004, YU designed a sidewalk project along Clove Road, a county road, to improve pedestrian movement from campus to MSU’s new Residential Facility.

In 2006, YU provided investigation and consultation services to analyze existing drainage problems and develop remedial recommendations. In 2007, YU provided investigation and consultation services for the remediation of grading and drainage issues of the softball field.


Essex/Passaic County,
New Jersey


  • Feasibility Studies for a 1000 car parking facility
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Evaluation of Parking Management Strategy
  • Parking Garage Feasibility Studies
  • Wayfinding Sign Design
  • Storm Water Management Grading and Drainage
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Resurfacing Design
  • Resident Engineering Service
Montclair State University
Montclair State University