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MSU – University Hall

Montclair State University (MSU) is the second largest educational institution in the State of New Jersey. As part of its five year capital building program, MSU retained a design team for a new 250,000 SF academic building and conference center. As part of this design team, YU & Associates (YU) was retained to perform site/civil engineering design services for the new project.

The design services included preparing utility relocation for existing and proposed water mains, storm sewers, and telephone and data communication lines. In an effort by the University to fast track the project, YU prepared an early site excavation package that included utility relocations and mass grading for the building foundation.

YU worked closely with the design team to develop Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) strategies for all site work. As part of this effort, YU prepared a storm water quality design to meet the LEED requirement.


Little Falls,
New Jersey


S/L/A/M Architects, P.C.
Montclair State University