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New Dorp High School

The athletic field of New Dorp High School located on New Dorp Avenue in Staten Island, NY was rehabilitated under the Take the Field Project, a private public partnership to revitalize the school fields.

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) performed a subsurface investigation involving borings and test pits to evaluate the source of unequal settlements noticed throughout the field. YU provided recommendations to minimize future settlement of the proposed ball fields, tennis courts, track, and foundations of ancillary structures to be constructed on moisture sensitive compressible soils. YU also reviewed historical Sanborn maps, USGS maps and Aerial photographs to identify potential Areas of Concern (AOC) prior to construction. This approach avoids unforeseen construction costs and delay in construction schedule. YU provided full-time quality control inspection during construction for satisfactory sub grade preparation and backfilling after excavation of unsuitable material.


Staten Island,
New York


  • Geotechnical Investigations and Evaluation
  • Aerial Photographs and Sanborn Map Review
  • On Site Construction Monitoring
  • Preparation and Submittal for Building Permits
TDX Construction
Take the Field