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New Hotel

During the excavation for foundations of a 32 story New Hotel building in mid-town Manhattan, Alexico Group noticed stained soils and contacted YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) to provide environmental engineering services to identify the material encountered and develop remedial measures.

YU collected samples from the stained soil and analyzed them to determine whether hazardous materials were present. Based on the analytical results it was determined the soil was contaminated with petroleum products. YU identified the excavation and disposal of contaminated soil as the appropriate remedial measure that would meet the NYSDEC regulations as well as expedite the construction process. YU prepared a site specific Health and Safety Plan in accordance with OSHA regulations and provided on site monitoring services during the remediation. Post remediation samples were collected and analyzed to demonstrate that remediation was complete. A remedial action report was prepared adhering to the NYSDEC regulations and submitted for review and approval. The entire scope of work was performed on fast track basis without delaying the project.


Mid-Town, Manhattan,
New York


  • Environmental Engineering
  • Hazardous Material Evaluation
  • On Site Monitoring
  • Remedial Actions
  • NYSDEC Reporting
Alexico Management Group
Alexico Management Group