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New York School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) is proposing construction of a new school building at the site of the existing PS-94 school. YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) performed a geotechnical investigation on site. Due to access issues caused by presently existing site structures, the work was performed in two phases.

First YU designed and inspected the geotechnical boring investigation and prepared a Phase One Geotechnical Data Report. The purpose of this was to provide data obtained to other geotechnical engineers and consultants for foundation recommendation, design criteria and construction requirements development. The particular areas of assistance related to earthwork and other geotechnical aspects of the proposed construction. The Phase Two geotechnical investigation expanded the subsurface exploration at the subject site after selected on-site structures were removed.


New York


  • Surface Investigation
  • Boring Controlled Investigation
  • Geotechnical Report
New York City School Construction Authority
New York City School Construction Authority