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PS / IS 312Q – Hunters Point North

The vacant 0.5 acre site is to be developed as a 6-story school with no basement. As a subconsultant to the Architect, YU & Associates (YU) provided geotechnical engineering services. The site was impacted by non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils, hence environmental mitigation work was underway during the geotechnical engineering study.

YU conducted the geotechnical study in two phases. The preliminary phase included limited geotechnical investigation with provision of a Geotechnical Data Report. The final phase included additional geotechnical investigation and provision of a Geotechnical Engineering Report. Our report included liquefaction evaluation, which determined that the loosely compacted fill was liquefiable in a seismic event and subject to significant lateral loads. YU recommended that the proposed structure be founded on deep foundations such as caissons and minicaissons. YU prepared the construction specifications for the caisson and mini-caisson installation and also provided review of earthwork specifications. YU provided construction admin-istration services and vibration monitoring during construction for protection of adjacent structures.


New York


  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Liquefaction Evaluation
  • Boring Plans and Profiles
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Construction Specifications
Gran Kriegel Architects
New York City School Construction Authority