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Saint Philip’s Academy

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) performed an asbestos and hazardous materials survey at the 50,000 SF proposed St. Philip’s Academy building. The purpose of the inspections was to identify the presence of ACM and other hazardous materials that may be impacted by the proposed renovations. ACM, Lead-based Paint (LBP), fixtures containing PCBs and/or mercury, radioactive sources and radon were evaluated as part of this project. Abatement plans and specifications were developed for the building renovation. YU also provided recommendations for alternative work practices and reviewed project monitoring work and abatement activities.


New Jersey


  • Asbestos, LBP, PCB Inspections
  • Analytical Testing
  • Lead-based Paint (LBP) sampling
  • Hazardous Material Evaluation and Abatement Design
  • Construction Coordinations
  • Construction Bid Documents
Richard McElhiney Architect
St. Philip’s Academy