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Seaman Avenue School

The New Jersey School Construction Corporation has approved construction of a new school along Seaman Avenue in Perth Amboy. Several USTs were removed from a portion of the property that was formerly used as a trucking and warehouse facility and had a history of environmental conditions. Several additional lots have been acquired.

YU & Associates, Inc. (YU) has provided NJSCC with a remedial investigation of the portion of site with known history and to determine the presence of contaminants in additional lots to be acquired. Hydrogeological investigations were performed to estimate aquifer characteristics and develop a groundwater model. A Remedial Action Workplan was developed and a Classification Exception Area (CEA) application was filed with NJDEP.

YU also performed a subsurface investigation and made recommendations for the foundation design. The site has 8 to 14 feet of impacted fill, impacted ground water is shallow and the ground is sloping. YU has recommended an innovative way of building the first floor slab such that the vapors beneath the floor are vented and groundwater will not be an issue during the construction.


Perth Amboy,
New Jersey


  • Subsurface Explorations
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Continuation of Remedial Investigations
  • Site Investigation
  • Hazardous Material Evaluation
  • Hydrogeological Modeling
Van Note-Harvey Associates, P.C.
New Jersey Schools Development Authority