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Trans-Hudson Express Tunnel (THE Tunnel)

New Jersey Transit has contracted with THEP (The Partnership-a joint venture of 3 international engineering and architectural firms) to advance the design of the multi-billion dollar Trans-Hudson Express Tunnel (THE Tunnel), which will double commuter rail capacity between New York and New Jersey. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a partner with NJ Transit for this Project.

The project includes a state-of-the-art, two-track bored tunnel under the Hudson River and an expanded Penn Station under 34th Street between Eighth and Sixth Avenues. The program also includes new track capacity on the Northeast Corridor and a connection to rail lines serving residents of Rockland, Orange, Bergen, Passaic, and several other counties, providing improved service within New Jersey and direct service to and from Manhattan.

YU & Associates, Inc. has been providing geotechnical engineering support to the design team. YU engineers have been participating in the planning and execution of the extensive subsurface exploratory program conducted in New York City streets, building basements, environmentally sensitive wetlands, landfill areas, active rail and road right of way as well as on the Hudson River. YU field engineers have classified subsurface soils using the Burmeister classification system, described the rock type encountered, and identified fracture frequency, joints, rock quality designation (RQD), degree of weathering, and estimated fracture/bedding plane dip angles from rock cores obtained by Acoustical Televiewer Logging . YU engineers provided oversight during in-situ testing, monitoring wells installation and test surcharge instrumentation installation. Our engineers performed quality assurance reviews of geotechnical data, planned and selected representative samples for laboratory testing, and reviewed field and laboratory data. Our engineers monitored and analyzed instrumentation data for evaluation of soil behavior under the test surcharge.


NY-NJ Metropolitan Area,
New Jersey, New York


  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Boring Program Development
  • Boring Controlled Inspection and Field Testing
  • Test Surcharge Instrumentation Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Geotechnical Data Report
  • Constructability Evaluation
  • Retaining Structure and Foundation Analyses
  • Controlled Inspection
THE Partnership (PB/STV/DMJM JV)
NJ Transit